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Why The Name “Daughters On The Run”?

The company name came about because I knew that I wanted to create fitness apparel for runners, but I needed one word to connect all women.  And then it hit me.  Every woman is someone’s daughter.  No matter how old we get, as my mother likes to remind me, we are still someone’s baby girl.

Our Story Begins

Life is a race and every race has a story. I tell my story with every step I take. Every mental or physical obstacle I overcome. On the road. In the gym. On the trails. I share my story with the world. Every day is a new race and tomorrow a new story will be shared. Our products are a reflection of my story and the story of many women who came before me and will come after me.  The story of triumph and setbacks.

Our Story Continues

Our story continues with our inspiring presence on social media and within the community.  We have found that when stories of  people meeting their goals or striving towards a goal is shared, it inspires others to conquer their goals as well.  If you need a little inspiration check out our Stories of Inspiration page.  And if you would like to inspire others please share your story and a picture to post.

Although we might be a young company, we have participated and volunteered in various expos and events around Texas.  We plan on representing our company at a variety of sports events in Texas in the future, so look out for us.

Let Daughters On The Run go the distance with you.